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Who we are?

The Scholars Row is a group of young professionals who provide full educational services to Thai and other international students in becoming a passion learner and success in their student life. Years over years that many international students are struggling in studying in UK, so we are the one and only in U.K. who provide the extensive helps for students with the uniqueness in offering a high-quality of services and tutoring courses for those who seek for special help.


The Scholars Row is focusing on building concrete skills and help students with what they immediately need.

We provide a positive environment in a welcoming, trendy space and super friendly staff.

We commit to empower the students to cultivate the skills, strategies, confident, and independent.

We focus on the students in every level in strengthen their comprehensive learning, providing academic support and promote student success.


We know that studying in UK is like a rollercoaster with a swing changes, excitement and fear. Our mission is to create a world-class, authentic, educational services to overseas students. We help to prepare an outstanding educational services with the effective system and experiences staffs. With We-Education, we lead to become a one stop educational service for the whole processes.


The Scholars Row is a leader in providing one stop service for education in U.K. Our services will improve the better educational path for your children and reach their full potential by providing comprehensive support for individuals needing assistance. We care about the welfare of every student and assist them to gain admission into the best schools and universities in the U.K., enabling the best for their future.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
— Benjamin Franklin