Who are we?

The Scholars Row provides full education support. We know that each child is a potential genius – a gem waiting to be discovered and polished. Studying in the United Kingdom, while being miles away from the usual comfort at home and the nurturing relationships of family can be a daunting experience and language barrier can sometimes further cause self-doubt during the crucial stages of a child’s development. Hence, at the heart of our mission is the creation of a “home-away-from-home learning environment” for your child. The Scholars Row have taken years to search and recruit only the best UK educated young professionals who share our values and are more than capable of providing a full range of tailor-made educational services to your child.


UK higher education and qualifications undeniably have an impressive global reputation, with students in the United Kingdom encouraged to develop their potential while enjoying a full social life. However, the richness and uniqueness of the British culture and its innovative approach to teaching could sometimes cause struggles in international students who are still in the process of building up their self-confidence in the new environment and developing their academic abilities. Our mission is thus to give our students the individualised attention they may not get in a crowded classroom and an open learning environment which encourage them to learn at their own pace and ask questions which they felt uncomfortable to ask in front of their peers. Our broad range of tutoring services also helps students to remain on track during breaks from school or on weekends should they feel that such support is needed.

Concurrently, we also provide services for students who are already performing at the highest level. Our team of teaching staffs are graduates from top UK universities and are never afraid of challenging talented students academically and preparing them for the next stage of their academic life.

In brief, it is our mission to prove to you that we are the one-stop academic tutoring service you never knew your child needed.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
— Benjamin Franklin


Individual Tailor

Although the Scholars Row believes that the focus for each child differs, a common denominator is to identify the academic areas which need to be strengthened and to design a tailor-made self academic development plan which would lead your child to the success they desire.


We believe in the benefits of a positive learning environment. As evident by our trendy learning space (and if we may add – always well stocked with complimentary authentic Thai food and snacks) and super friendly and relatable teaching staff members.


We commit to empower our students to fully embrace their UK student life and provide them with the academic guidance and nurturing support they need while they are trying to navigate through their UK student life away from home.


We aim to build a “home-away-from-home learning environment” as physical and mental comfort are vital stimuli to a child’s learning process.


The Scholars Row’s vision is simple - to help your child realises theirs.