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What is a guardian?

A guardian is an adult who is responsible for a child under 18 while in the UK. A guardian can make decisions on agreed matters for a child on behalf of the parents.

Why do you need a guardian?

Many public schools have the regulations to ensure that all children should have either parents or guardians residing in the UK during the term time.

What do we offer?

Guardianship service

  • Termly review

  • First arriving meeting

    • Bank account – Simcard – Personal items – Uniforms

  • Pastoral care

    • Academic support and personal development

  • Parents meeting – represent parents

  • Medical consulting – local Thai doctor and dentist

  • Moving/changing school

  • Transportation

  • Exeat and half term accommodation


Family visit concierge

  • Tickets for activity, event, musical, and more upon availability
  • Accommodation, itinerary, and transportation reservation
  • Organizing private school visit