Our Team



Dr. Aphiwat Luangsomboon - Director

Dr. Aphiwat, the founder of The Scholars Row, has moved to the UK since he was 13 to attend Sherborne School and obtained Medicine Degree from Imperial College London in 2011. 

Dr. Donna Harris - Consultant

Dr. Donna Harris holds PhD and MPhil in Economics from University of Cambridge, MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Currently, she is  is a Behavioural and Experimental Economist at Department of Economic, University of Oxford.

Ronja Koo Kasiliauskis

Ronja, Head of Academic, is a tutor in English, Geography and History. 

Peeranat Larpwong

Peeranat, BSc in Material Engineering, Imperial College London, has been in the UK for 14 years and he is Head of Pastoral Care 

Pongdakorn Wangkamhang

A PhD student in Genetic Engineering from UCL is a one of Math and Science tutors.