Summer School

Summer school in the UK provide the perfect learning environment for students who are preparing to come and study in the UK for the very first time. Oversea students will be able to develop their verbal and written English skills as well as to develop their academic vocabulary to help support them in writing essays and theses when they get to university.

It goes without saying that the academic value of a summer school is significant, whether it’s aimed at helping lower-achieving students improve their grades or coaching the brightest students for entrance to top universities. For the summer schools targeted to the highest-achieving students, successful admission is dependent on being able to prove academic merit with evidence such as good grades and strong references from teachers. For these brightest of students, an academic summer school offers many opportunities that will help propel them to new heights.



A 3-4 week course running during the Easter Holiday.


A 4-6 week summer course running from the 1st week of July


A one-month course running from 1st week of October until the end of October